Allergic reactions of citrus fruit in human

Allergic reactions of citrus fruit in human

When you have food it is very important to know the basic thing whether it will support your growth or it will cause any drawback to your health. To some food items, your body will turn into an allergic one.

On account of having orange due to the natural addition of citric acid, some of the body will not accept it and there are heavy chances for the body to turn into an allergic sense. This is due to the body cannot produce an antibody that will turn up to the allergic reaction. In many cases, oranges cause skin rash and change the color of the skin.

You can find symptoms when any kind of citrus fruit if consumed in some instances. You will have symptoms like itching in the lips area, throat, and also in the tongue region. In some cases, there will be swelling in the gums and the lips. These types of people can eat citrus fruit when they are well cooked.

allergic reactions

The symptoms in consuming this fruit will occur only after years you will not get an idea of why the symptoms have occurred.

If these types of people come in close contact when the fruit is being peeled they may get a high chance of contact dermatitis. By this the person will get redness in that area and also swelling may occur. In some of the rare cases, this will cause an allergic reaction that is generally known as anaphylaxis.

The symptom of anaphylaxis includes asthma, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

There occur different types of allergy-like:

Cross-reactivity- many of the citrus allergy reactions are due to the oral allergy syndrome which is mainly caused by pollen allergies. This is also said to be as cross-reactivity due to the sharing of protein by pollen and citrus.

Systemic allergy- many people have this type of systemic allergy to the citrus fruit. This type of allergy gets activated only when the fruit is being ingested and the allergen spreads to the body. When you get skin rash due to allergies to oranges it is important to consult the doctor and take the safety measures.

Final thoughts:

Many people do not have the capacity to produce antibodies against the invading foreign allergies which is present in the orange. So be aware of the food that your intake before and think whether it supports the growth of your body and then consume it.